Empowering sustainable film sets: Clean energy generators for environmentally conscious productions

The Voltstack ecosystem of electric generators revolutionized the film industry as a silent, emission-free power source since it rolled onto film sets in 2015. Between our portable power stations and mobile electric equipment chargers, we offer film production companies and equipment rental companies a wide range of innovative and eco-friendly options to power their projects. Our battery electric energy storage systems and e-Chargers are designed to reduce carbon emissions, lower costs, and create a greener future for the film industry.

Voltstack 30k electric generator for film production
Voltstack 5k in the back of an MBSe truck during the production of a film.
Voltstack 5k electric generator or portable power station on a frozen lake in Norway during the production of No Time To Die
Voltstack 5k electric generator during the production of a TV show at Times Square
Voltstack 30k during the production of Season 2 of HBO's Rap Sh!t

Filmmakers love the Voltstack ecosystem

“As a gaffer, the Voltstack completely changes what’s possible for on-location shoots. I can get the lighting I need in less time and less money simply because we have power right where we need it.”

David Sinfield
Founder Of Green Voltage And Gaffer
(No Time To Die, Wonder Woman, Aladdin)

“We had three 5ks and a 13k that were used to build sets for The Mandalorian. We completely reduced the need for diesel power generators to build an entire town’s worth of Star Wars sets.”

Gavin Behrman
Production Manager
(The Mandalorian, The Call Of The Wild, Blade Runner 2049)

“The 5k powered daylight splinter units, dollies and catering trucks. Meanwhile, the 13k powered cranes, gear on water barges and areas where generators were prohibited. Voltstacks are making productions more sustainable.”

Yvonne Melville
Production Manager
(Man In The High Castle, Izombie, Falling Skies)

“Voltstack is one of the most positive steps forward in movie sound. Noise from generators has always created problems. Voltstacks are silent, helping you hear the actor’s original performance while reducing emissions. It’s a win-win.”

Simon Hayes
Oscar-Winning Production Sound Mixer
(Les Miserables, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Mamma Mia)

Clean energy electric generators

Our stored energy power systems are trusted by industry professionals worldwide. They ensure an eco-friendly production process without compromising on cinematic quality.

Entertaining sustainability

With our energy-efficient power stations, film production companies can minimize their environmental impact while still delivering captivating stories to audiences around the world.

Cost efficiency

Our silent power solutions lower costs by reducing reliance on post-production, traditional fossil fuel generators and fuel consumption. Our customers estimate an average fuel savings of $2,000/week on set, by using a Voltstack 30k instead of a diesel generator.

Maximize ROI

It’s not all about the film production studios. Our expert consultants will help guide your film equipment rental business through the transition to sustainable power solutions.

Smart hybrid

The Voltstack 30k’s smart hybrid technology automatically engages a diesel generator when the battery reaches a low charge state.

Join the sustainable film renaissance

As the film industry embraces the need for sustainability, we are proud to offer industry-leading power solutions that align with its vision. By choosing our clean energy electric generators, film production companies can lead the way in reducing environmental impact while maintaining exceptional creativity and production value. Let us help you create a greener future for film together.

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