Portable Series

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5k e-Generator

Voltstack 5k Level 2 electric equipment charger or e-Charger icon.

5k L2 e-Charger

Mobile Series

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30k e-Generator

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30k L2 e-Charger

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30k L3 e-Charger



The Voltstack ecosystem

Welcome to the Voltstack ecosystem, where silent, emission-free, and off-grid power solutions meet mobile electric equipment chargers and portable battery electric energy storage systems. Since 2015, our industry-leading products have facilitated the transition to quiet, zero-emission power solutions for customers worldwide. With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and zero emissions, every Voltstack product brings forth a new era of infinite possibilities in terms of power solutions.

5k e-Generator

5k Level 2 e-Charger

30k e-Generator

30k Level 2 e-Charger

30k Level 3 e-Charger

Clean power anywhere

Untether from fossil fuel and tap into the sustainable energy solution. We service the difficult locations and complex projects traditional generators cannot.

Reliable, safe and easy-to-use

Our portable and mobile power solutions are reliable and feature unparalleled safety and user-friendliness, ensuring effortless operation.

Portable and mobile

Mobility is at the crux of the Voltstack ecosystem. Our portable power stations are person-moveable, and our mobile electric equipment chargers can be towed around across rugged terrains.

Ruggedized design

Our Voltstack units excel in the most demanding situations and challenging environments thanks to their industrial-grade engineering.

Hybrid energy systems

The Voltstack units can be used to limit the use of existing diesel generators. This hybrid power solution saves costs by eliminating engine inefficiencies, maintenance issues due to low loads and potential wet stacking.

Charged with intelligence

Our electric equipment chargers and electric generators are integrated with our proprietary software, NeuronOS™, and is packed with features like real-time monitoring, key alerts, and data analysis.

Unlock the power of the Voltstack ecosystem today


The Voltstack ecosystem comprises of portable and mobile electric equipment chargers and electric generators. These units enable energy from renewables, like solar, to be stored and then released when the power is needed most.

Over the years, there have been several different terms used to define the Voltstack ecosystem including:

  • Portable battery energy storage systems
  • Portable power stations
  • Battery-powered portable power stations
  • Battery-powered generators portable
  • Clean portable generators
  • Portable hybrid energy systems
  • Mobile battery energy storage systems
  • Mobile power stations
  • Battery-powered mobile power stations
  • Battery-powered generators mobile
  • Clean mobile generators
  • Mobile hybrid energy systems
  • Portable EV chargers (Level 2)
  • Mobile EV chargers (Level 2)
  • Mobile EV chargers (Level 3)
  • Portable UPS system
  • Mobile UPS system
  • Portable clean power generators
  • Mobile clean power generators

Yes, the Voltstack ecosystem is safe to use with multiple levels of safety certification at the battery, pack, and product levels. 

Battery level

  • Safety: UL1642, UN38.3
  • Chemistry: Li-ion LFP

Battery pack level
Safety:  UL1973, UL 2271, IEC 62133, UN38.3

End product level

Portable series:

  1. Safety: ETL Listed – UL1640 & CSA 22.2 #14
  2. Shipping: UN3481

Mobile series:

  • Safety: CSA SPE-1000
  • Shipping: UN3481

Portable series
With a single charging port, Voltstack 5k recharges fully within 5 hours. For even faster charging, utilize two circuits to slash the charging time to just 2.5 hours.
Note: Two separate circuits are required to achieve rapid charging.

Mobile Series

  • 120/208 VAC 80A 5-wire camlock inlet: 3.5 hours
  • 120/208-240 VAC 50A 4-wire twist-lock (CS6375M2): 12 hours
  • EVSE Level 2 inlet 40A (SAE J1772): 12 hours

Calculate the runtime of your Voltstack effortlessly with this simple formula:
Runtime = [Voltstack Capacity (Wh) x State of Charge] / Device Power Rating (W).

Yes, the Voltstack ecosystem of portable electric generators and mobile hybrid energy systems can be recharged via our Sunstack solar kit also known as a solar panel.