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Voltstack 30k

When quiet capacity matters, the Portable Electric Voltstack 30k clean energy electric generator or portable power station brings the power. This is the energy choice for anyone serious about big production, ambitious construction or large-scale events, especially when emissions-free performance is the goal.

Continuous Output
Peak Power (5 sec)
Three Phase, Pure Sine Wave Output Voltage
Lifecycle (80% capacity)
0 hours
Charge Time
0 x 25kW Level 3
DCFC (SAE Combo/CHAdemo)
0 x EVSE Level 2
SAE J1772

NEMA 3S Design

All-weather ready, the Voltstack® 30k is capable of providing power to the most challenging applications. Easily moveable and modular so even the most power-hungry and remote locations can be serviced with ease.

Silent Brute Strength

When it comes to providing power, the Voltstack® 30k is a beast, but this beast operates without gasoline, moving parts, smoke or heat. It just quietly and modestly powers entire projects without being noticed.

The Gentle Giant

Remove loud generators from morning set-ups and late-night shifts. All Voltstack® e-Generators can be placed inside, under air-intakes and next to sensitive locations without fear of protest. Voltstack® needs no supervision.

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