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5k e-Generator

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Mobile Series

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30k e-Generator

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Voltstack 30k electric generator

The Voltstack 30k is a towable battery electric energy storage system or hybrid energy system with an impressive 30 kW power output and an 80 kWh battery capacity. It is a reliable and high-performance mobile power solution for big productions, ambitious construction projects, or large-scale events. this emissions-free powerhouse is designed to meet your energy demands while minimizing environmental impact. With its pure sine wave output, you can trust that this quiet, emissions-free powerhouse will safely power sensitive equipment. The Voltstack 30k also features our innovative “Smart Hybrid” technology, which seamlessly integrates a diesel generator to provide off-grid power when the battery reaches a low charge state. This hybridization ensures uninterrupted performance, giving you peace of mind during extended operations or in remote locations.

Reliable performance

Built with top-quality components and rigorous testing, this clean energy beast is designed to handle the toughest challenges and provide uninterrupted power.

Energy insights at your fingertips

Seamlessly integrate the 30k electric generator with our proprietary software, NeuronOS™ to effortlessly track, analyze, and optimize energy consumption in real-time.

Voltstack 30k electric Generator

Smart hybrid

The Voltstack 30k’s smart hybrid technology automatically engages a diesel generator when the battery reaches a low charge state.

Easy to Use

With its user-friendly interface, starting our 30k unit is as simple as pressing a button. Power up your operations with ease and focus on what matters most.

Silent operation

Say goodbye to noisy generators. The 30k operates silently without disturbing your surroundings or compromising on comfort.

Towable convenience

The 30k is essentially a mini-powerplant on wheels. Its towable design allows for easy transportation to different locations.

0 kWh
0 kW
Continuous output
0 kW
Peak power (5 sec)
VAC three phase, pure sine wave output voltage
Lifecycle (80% capacity)
0 hours
Charge time

Calculate your Voltstack’s estimated run time

Power up with the Voltstack 30k

Don’t let power limitations hold you back. Experience the true potential of your projects with the 30k electric generator.


The 30k electric generator is a lithium-ion energy storage system or a hybrid energy system. It is part of Portable Electric’s mobile series.

The 30k electric generator weighs 4,850 pounds or 2,200 kilograms.
Dimensions of the 30k: ​​48” x 81” x 60” (1,219mm x 2,057mm x 1,524mm)
With an operating range of 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C), it’s built to withstand the most challenging weather condition.
Calculate the runtime of your Voltstack effortlessly with this simple formula:
Runtime = [Voltstack Capacity (Wh) x State of Charge] / Device Power Rating (W).

Simply plug your AC power into one of the charging ports. The 30k electric generator also comes equipped with a 40 amp EVSE Level 2 inlet.

Charging times for the 30k electric generator are as follows:

  • 120/208 VAC 80A 5-wire camlock inlet: 3.5 hours
  • 120/208-240 VAC 50A 4-wire twist-lock (CS6375M2): 12 hours
  • EVSE Level 2 inlet 40A (SAE J1772): 12 hours