Voltstack® Clean Energy Electric Generators for Utilities

Providing Grid Resiliency

Utilities across the world are fighting to keep the lights on amid power outages caused by extreme weather events, Voltstack® clean energy electric generators or portable power stations are a viable solution.

Voltstack® Ecosystem in the Utility Industry

Voltstack® e-Generators are providing life-saving backup power across utilities in North America.  Read here →


Accelerating e-Mobility

Featuring the largest mobile level 3 fast charger on the market today. The Voltstack® Mobile EV Charger requires no setup time, is easy to use and requires no permits.

Emergency Backup Power

Proven track record providing backup power to community resource hubs, medically vulnerable residents and emergency communications during power outages.

Portable Power Plant

Voltstack® e-Generators boost energy resiliency when the grid shuts down. Multiple Voltstack® energy storage systems can be used together to create a mobile microgrid.

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