Powering the future of sustainable construction and job site electrification

The Voltstack ecosystem of silent, zero-emission, off-grid portable power stations and mobile e-Chargers is revolutionizing the construction industry. Our clean energy storage and charging solutions boast best-in-class performance to meet various instant power needs. The ability to quickly charge electric construction equipment fleets makes operations more economical, safe and sustainable.

Voltstack 30k Level 2 mobile e-charger charging a Volvo ECR25
Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger at the National Mall
Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger charging a Volvo ECR 25 excavator and a Volvo electric vehicle
Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger charging the ECR 25 excavator by Volvo Construction.

Building a cleaner construction job site

“Voltstack has proven itself to be the best solution for keeping our machines charged and ready to work… For a true zero emission remote charging solution, this Voltstack trailer is a great way to go.”

Nick Tullo
Head, New Business Development, Volvo CE

Construction Equipment Guide

“There are 80 kWh of storage in the portable power unit. Volvo’s compact excavator has a 20 kWh battery and the loader has 40 kWh in its battery, meaning the power station will charge two Volvo loaders or four small excavators a day.”

Ray Gallant
Vice President Of Product Management, Volvo CE

Construction Equipment Guide

“By combining innovative technologies like the Voltstack ecosystem with our deep expertise in construction, we’re working to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.”

Ed Galindo
E-Mobility Product Manager, VCES


Silent and emission-free power stations

Our portable power stations and mobile electric equipment chargers operate silently and emit zero emissions, making them ideal for sustainable construction projects. We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the construction industry.

Unlock the potential of hybrid power solutions

By embracing our hybrid power solutions, construction companies can achieve unparalleled sustainability in their operations. We design our electric generators and hybrid energy systems to either replace fossil-fuel generators or integrate with them, significantly reducing the runtime of these environmentally harmful gensets.

The best generator solution for electrifying construction sites

We offer a comprehensive range of battery electric power and charging solutions for construction. Our products are engineered to meet the industry’s demanding requirements, ensuring reliable and efficient power supply on-site. Every construction project is unique, which is why we provide tailored solutions that align with your specific needs.

Intelligent solutions for an energy efficient job site

Achieve efficient and sustainable operations in construction with the Voltstack ecosystem. Enjoy full API integration, including compatibility with NeuronOS™, enabling CO2 emissions tracking, runtime monitoring, and remote troubleshooting for streamlined performance.

Choose sustainable construction power solutions

Join the sustainable construction revolution. Our hybrid power solutions and battery-based energy storage systems are the future of construction power. By selecting our reliable generators, chargers, and power stations, you can embrace sustainability and contribute to a greener future.

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