Replace gas and diesel generators with quiet, clean power

Portable Electric gave the Vancouver International Soccer Festival the power to choose clean, renewable energy. I am thrilled they are operating in Vancouver and impressed at the capability of their battery systems. We will certainly get them to power our entire event next year!
Adri, Founder and Director of Vancouver International Soccer Festival
I have been looking for this type of solution that Portable Electric offers for some time. I was always thinking that the noisy, smelly gas powered generator were taking away from our events. Portable Electric delivered exactly what they said they would. Thank you
Bernard Leclair, Vancouver Pride Director
We were excited to Welcome Portable Electric to help power our Blessed Coast Festival” this year and in doing so, we were blown away!!! The level of stewardship the team holds, over this incredible technology, made the difference in smoothly running our sound and lighting off Silent, efficient Renewable Energy, was a miracle we had only dreamed of years ago. What a heavenly feeling!
Kybor Garner, Blessed Coast
Portable Electric is about to change the way festivals sound and smell forever. The inaugural Vancouver Mural Festival launched with 80,000 people celebrating on Main Street and one of the best parts of the event was the “festival staple” that was missing: stinky gas generators and rumbling motors behind every stage and food cart. Instead: quiet, clean power! Efficient and environmentally friendly! We look forward to the impending festival power revolution.
Andrea Curtis, Vancouver Mural Festival

VoltStack Mini

2 kWh; 2 kW Inverter 120 V

  • Ideal for small events, live bands, indie film shoots, kiosks, stages, job-sites
  • Easy and portable for distributed applications
  • Portable, plug and play for off-grid applications
  • 2x 120 V 15A 3-prong plugs
  • Fast recharge from solar/cycle/120 V grid plugin
  • Compliments the VoltStack Boss in VoltStack Ecosystem

VoltStack Boss

55 kWh; 13 kW Inverter 120 / 240 V

  • Power large events, stages, sound systems, lighting, and more
  • Sleek, towable trailer
  • Noise and emission free
  • Central recharge spot in VoltStack Ecosystem: paired with VoltStack Mini
  • 120/240 V (20A, 30A, 50A receptacles: twist-lock, camlock, joy)
  • More energy than Tesla M3, BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf
  • Fast recharge with EV chargers
  • First of its kind

Toba Hybrid Gen / Light Tower

8 kWh

  • Hybrid generator and LED light tower
  • 8 kWh storage; 1 kW Solar; 4 kW gas generator
  • Replace diesel light towers
  • Reduce fuel consumption and toxic emissions
  • Ideal for job-sites, civil road work, and festival lighting

Coming soon!





Portable Electric is a Vancouver company renting silent, pollution-free, power stations to anyone who needs electricity when there’s no place to plug in. The smaller unit, the VoltStack Mini, will run a party sound system for 15-20 hours straight. Its big brother, the VoltStack Boss, will energize a film set: Lights, cameras, the works, and larger stages and events. In essence, it’s a powerful EV-grade rechargeable batter-system designed and manufactured in British Columbia.
When compared with a traditional diesel generator, the VoltStack is a healthier, safer, quieter, cleaner and more convenient power source. It comes fully charged, is maintenance-free, and costs about the same to rent when you include fuel.
People hosting music festivals, street fairs, sporting events, weddings, parties, long-table dinners, and anyone else in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, the Okanagan, and Calgary who needs reliable electricity when there’s no place to plug in—without the noise, exhaust, and safety concerns associated with a diesel generator.
The VoltStack Mini is a compact and sleek 100-pound stainless-steel box on casters. Two people can carry it together, or one can easily push it on its wheels. The VoltStack Boss is a stylish futuristic trailer which can be towed to any location.
Mark Rabin, 37, is a Vancouver entrepreneur who has long worked to provide pollution-free electricity to those beyond the reach of an extension cord. A trained professional geologist, Rabin has a deep understanding of next-generation energy storage technologies. He has a  Masters of Science, and a Masters of Business Administration with a speciality in energy innovation. Previous to founding Portable Electric, he was the founder of Zolair Energy, which provides developing nations with affordable and clean electricity.





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