Zero Emissions. Infinite Possibilities.

Voltstack® clean energy electric generators or portable power stations have quietly charged past idling gas and diesel generators to become an industry leader in sustainability with silent, emissions-free operation, portability, and robust construction.

Clean. Portable. Energy.

Untether from fossil fuel and tap into the sustainable energy solution. We service the difficult locations and complex projects traditional generators cannot.

Quiet Change has Arrived.

We put energy in place with a bold purpose: to silently disrupt the world of portable power while encouraging people to build without limits.

Power to be Proud of.

From navigating disaster relief sites, to holding up a Hollywood film shoot, Portable Electric sits at the forefront of innovative mobile energy needs.

The Voltstack® Ecosystem

Creating something that matters begins with believing you have the power to do so. With the Voltstack® line of clean energy electric generators or portable power stations, Portable Electric ensures you have more than enough energy exactly where you need it, so you can be sure your project powers forward.

Voltstack® ecosystem of clean energy e-Generators or portable power stations in Vancouver

Discover the Versatility of Voltstack® e-Generators with Proven Success Across Multiple Industries.

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