The world’s finest electric generator.

Portable Electric’s VOLTstack power stations deliver reliable, instant power whenever and wherever you need it.

The VOLTstack is a battery electric generator – no fumes, no noise and no excessive costs. Simply flip a switch for silent, emissions-free portable power. No matter the need, the VOLTstack is revolutionizing the way we power our world.

Capable of replacing your gas/diesel generator, the VOLTstack will change the way you use power – forever.

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The most robust, reliable and fast charging power stations in the world.
Portable plug and play power. Charges in 2.5 hours. Solar PV charging capable.
Full wireless monitoring and data collection.
Long-life, 10 – 15 year / 4000+ cycle lithium ion batteries.
4 year manufacturer’s warranty.

VOLTstack Family of Commercially Ready Clean Energy Silent, Portable Power Stations, for Rent and Buy

VOLTstack 2k

Agile, nonstop power for lights, sound, camera & more

VOLTstack 2k

2.4 kW; 2.8 kWh (NA 120V / EU & ROW 230V)

2400W for 1 hour, or 240W for 10 hours of continuous power
2.5 hour fast recharge
Portable, plug and play for off-grid applications
Solar/wind recharge

Weight: 190lbs
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 31″ x 21″ x 23″

VOLTstack Family of Commercially Ready Clean Energy Silent, Portable Power Stations, for Rent and Buy

VOLTstack 5k

Workhorse capable of powering mid-size operations

VOLTstack 5k

5 kW; 5.6 kWh (NA 120V / EU & ROW 230V)

5000W for 1 hour, or 500W for 10 hours of continuous power
2.5 hour fast recharge
Workhorse large enough for almost any temporary application
Solar/wind recharge

Weight: 330lbs
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 32’’ x 24’’ x 30’’

VOLTstack Portable Power Stations Clean Energy Silent Generators Solar Power Wind Hydro Recharge Gas Generator Replacement Fast Charge Quiet Generator Fuel Free and No Noise Noiseless Emissions-Free Fast-charge Mobile Microgrid Micro Grid Micro-grid

VOLTstack 20k

Powerhouse capable of powering large-scale operations

VOLTstack 20k

20 kW; 80 kWh (120/240 V)

Can be customized to suit needs
Days of continuous power
5 hour fast recharge from Three Phase 208V
Three Phase 120/208VAC: Continuous 60A
Sleek, compact trailer, easy to tow and use
Can be positioned next to any infrastructure, people, or in confined spaces

Weight: 5000lbs




Portable Electric & Amazon’s, “Man In The High Castle” series brought our resources & mutual interests together to see how we could best integrate clean energy into film & television & to mitigate using solely diesel power generation. The ideal was to reduce our carbon footprint, fuel costs, noise disturbances etc. It has been an excellent learning & development process for both of us and we are really happy with the results.

The 5K proved useful in powering daylight splinter units, DIT downloading after camera wrap, dollies, techno 15, sound cart, short durations at crafty or catering truck etc. The 13K was great for daylight scenes, or powering cranes & gear on water barges, big daylight establishers, downtown areas where generator placement was prohibited.

Next season we’d opt to lease 2-3 of the 5k units and rent the 13k on a daily or episodic basis. Looking forward to making film & television a more sustainable, green & clean industry.

Yvonne Melville, Production Manager, Amazon Studios, Man In The High Castle

As a Gaffer, I know the VOLTstacks are the future of generators, and are changing the industry we work in. We are now using more low powered LED lights, and now I can save on cable runs through positioning generators.

In every application we are finding new uses for them, from lighting, locations, sound, video, camera, grip and low loader work. Everyone is asking can I use VOLTstacks to power our sets/locations on recces. Productions are supporting the use of them due to them being silent, having no fuel costs and user friendly.

David Sinfield, Gaffer, MGM, No Time To Die

The VOLTstack is one of the most positive steps forward in movie sound in recent years. Since the very first film with sound, the noise of diesel generators has created problems for Sound Mixers recording actor’s dialogue on location. 

The VOLTstack is silent, meaning generators can be close to set, helping you hear the actor’s original performance. All this while reducing harmful emissions. The VOLTstack is a win-win.

Simon Hayes, Production Sound Mixer, MGM, No Time To Die

First we plugged one light in, checked the voltage on it, it was fine. And then we plugged in two, then we plugged in three and we ended up using eight lights. The 13k sat in the snow for three days and it never died on us once. I realize when I’m on a survey that I’ve got Portable Electric in my back pocket. For confined spaces, locations where you can’t cable, places with noise restrictions, these make total sense. Portable Electric is what everybody needs, whether they know it or not, and it’s the way the world is going.

Billy Baxter, Gaffer, 20th Century Fox, War for the Planet of the Apes

I really love using them as a way to reduce our carbon footprint and use of diesel power. We were very successful, we had three 5k VOLTstacks and a 13k VOLTstack that were used to build sets for Disney Plus’ Mandalorian. We completely reduced the need for diesel power generator to build an entire town’s worth of Star Wars sets. Really did a great job, you go out there and there’s completely silent power. The guys loved it because they could have it right next to them and not be inhaling diesel fumes. As well as the silent nature, it was a real amazing thing that I was very happy to use on the project. I would definitely use them again.

Gavin Behrman, Production Manager, Disney+, The Mandalorian






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