Portable Series

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5k e-Generator

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5k L2 e-Charger

Mobile Series

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30k e-Generator

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30k L3 e-Charger



Voltstack 30k Level 3 Mobile e-Charger

Designed to bridge the charging gap and bring power to places without fixed chargers, this first-of-its-kind solution is mobile, flexible, and ready-to-serve fleet-based EVs with a fast roadside charge. With the Voltstack 30k Level 3 e-Charger, you can charge multiple EVs simultaneously, alternative power transportation like e-bikes, energize food trucks at community events, amp up sound and lighting equipment for concerts, and provide backup power during emergencies or wildfire responses. This emissions-free and silent charger can be recharged through various methods, including EV stations or solar generation. Take control of your energy consumption by connecting it to Portable Electric’s NeuronOS™ app for tracking, analysis, and optimization.

Simple, simultaneous charging

Charge multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, including e-bikes and other alternative transportation options—no installation required.

Off-grid charging

Embrace the freedom of off-grid charging. Charge your vehicles anywhere, anytime, without relying on traditional power infrastructure.

Voltstack 30k Mobile EV Charger

Versatile applications

This caters to all your electric vehicle needs, from boost charging to temporary charging sites or deployable recharging on demand.

Seamless integration

Connect your Voltstack to our proprietary software, NeuronOS™ and gain complete control. It’s an intelligent charging solution that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Recharging flexibility

To recharge, use its AC inputs or tow the Voltstack Level 3 e-Charger to any Level 2 EV charging station.

Silent and emissions-free

This Mobile EV Charger provides a clean, quiet charging experience while reducing your carbon footprint.

0 kWh
0 kW
Continuous output
0 kW
Peak power (5 sec)
VAC three phase, pure sine wave output voltage
Lifecycle (80% capacity)
0 hours
Charge time
0 x Level 3
SAE Combo/CHAdemo connector

Experience the future of mobile EV charging with the Voltstack 30k Level 3 Mobile e-Charger

Ready to accelerate towards a mobile, emission-free off-grid charging future?


The Voltstack 30k Level 3 e-Charger is a mobile lithium-ion electric vehicle charger. It is part of Portable Electric’s mobile series.

The Voltstack 30k Level 3 e-Charger weighs 6,250 pounds or 2,835 kilograms.

Dimensions of the Voltstack 30k: ​​48” x 81” x 60” (1,219mm x 2,057mm x 1,524mm)
Trailer dimensions (W x L): 6.7’ x 13’ (2,042mm x 3,962mm)
With an operating range of 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C), it’s built to withstand the most challenging weather condition.
Calculate the runtime of your Voltstack effortlessly with this simple formula:
Runtime = [Voltstack Capacity (Wh) x State of Charge] / Device Power Rating (W).

Simply plug your AC power into one of the charging ports. The Voltstack 30k Level 3 e-Charger also comes equipped with a 40 amp EVSE Level 2 inlet.

Charging times for the Voltstack 30k Level 3 e-Charger are as follows:

  • 120/208 VAC 80A 5-wire camlock inlet: 3.5 hours
  • 120/208-240 VAC 50A 4-wire twist-lock (CS6375M2): 12 hours
  • EVSE Level 2 inlet 40A (SAE J1772): 12 hours