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Voltstack 5k electric generator

Voltstack 5k is the trailblazing electric generator that reigns supreme in the realm of silent, emission-free, off-grid portable power. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Voltstack 5k stands tall as an industry leader. This powerhouse of a portable battery energy storage system effortlessly handles the power needs of temporary projects of almost any scale.

Silence personified

Engineered to give you the blissful absence of noise. Revel in uninterrupted focus, peaceful environments and harmonious collaborations.

Energy insights at your fingertips

Seamlessly integrate the Voltstack 5k with our proprietary software, NeuronOS™, to effortlessly track, analyze, and optimize energy consumption in real-time.

Voltstack 5k x 7kWh electric generator or portable power station.

Effortless setup, seamless power

Experience the convenience of effortless setup and seamless power management, allowing you to be up and running in just minutes.

Unmatched portability

Person-moveable electric generator for those on the move. Ergonomic handles and rugged construction ensure hassle-free mobility and durability in any terrain.

Proven, reliable performance

Trusted by the world’s leading professionals, the Voltstack 5k ensures consistent power output, so you can tackle your projects with confidence.

Green energy champion

Leave behind harmful emissions and embrace clean, renewable power. The Voltstack 5k takes your commitment to sustainability to new heights.

Touch the future

Check critical alerts and monitor your Voltstack 5k’s charge status and runtime on the all-new 3-inch touchscreen display.

0 kWh
0 kW
Continuous output
0 kW
Peak power (5 sec)
VAC pure sine wave output voltage
Lifecycle (80% capacity)
0 hours
Charge time

Embrace the power of simplicity with Voltstack 5k electric generator

Say goodbye to complex setups and technical headaches. The Voltstack 5k brings you a truly plug-and-play power solution that’s as simple as it gets.

How to use the Voltstack 5k

Join the silent revolution

Experience the industry-leading performance, innovative design, and uncompromising reliability that only the Voltstack 5k can deliver. It’s time to rewrite the rules of portable power.


The Voltstack 5k is a portable lithium-ion battery energy storage system, colloquially called an “electric generator”. It is part of Portable Electric’s portable series.

The Voltstack 5k weighs 330 pounds or 150 kilograms.

Dimensions of the Voltstack 5k including handles (L x W x H): 32” x 24” x 30” (810mm x 600mm x 750mm)

With an operating range of -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C), it’s built to withstand the most challenging weather condition.

Calculate the runtime of your Voltstack effortlessly with this simple formula:
Runtime = [Voltstack Capacity (Wh) x State of Charge] / Device Power Rating (W).

Simply plug your AC power into one or both charging ports, flip the corresponding charging breaker to ‘on,’ and watch the orange charging light illuminate.

With a single charging port, Voltstack 5k recharges fully within 5 hours. For even faster charging, utilize two circuits to slash the charging time to just 2.5 hours.
Note: Two separate circuits are required to achieve rapid charging.

Yes, the Voltstack 5k can be recharged via our Sunstack solar kit also known as a solar panel.
When using our Sunstack solar kit, the Voltstack 5k electric generator charges fully within 2.5 hours (under optimal conditions.
Yes, you can combine both AC power and our Sunstack solar kit to recharge your Voltstack 5k battery energy storage system. Under optimal conditions, combining charging inputs will fully recharge the Voltstack 5k in 1.5 hours.