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Voltstack 5k fuels high-octane scenes in Wrath of Man

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Hollywood Portable Power

“During the production of Wrath of Man, the gaffer on set knew I had brought two Voltstack 5k portable electric generators for the production,” says Jason Fitzgerald, veteran rigging gaffer and founder of Hollywood Portable Power. “So every time we went out on a location scout, and we were either getting into or getting out of the van, the gaffer would say, ‘Well, this looks like an excellent place for the Voltstack. By the third day, the first assistant director would say the same. So by the time we turned in our budgets, no one batted an eye when they saw the two Voltstack 5k portable power stations because they had been hearing about them for the last three days.”

The Solution

The two Voltstack 5k electric generators helped during the movie’s production but proved invaluable for one sequence in particular. “There is this scene with a lot of automotive stuntwork followed by a gunfight. It’s when Post Malone and his gang try to rob the armoured vehicle, and Jason Statham kills the entire gang. For that scene, we didn’t know where the driving stunts would end and where the gunfight would begin,” Jason explains. “So we had one Voltstack 5k powering a camera crane on one side where all the cars were whipping back and forth, and had another Voltstack 5k on the other side of the action powering a light setup so that when the car sequence stopped, we could push the light setup right to where the gunfight was going to be and pick up all the action.”

Voltstack 5k portable electric generator provides clean power during the production of Wrath of Man
Voltstack 5k portable electric generator provides clean power during the production of Wrath of Man

By strategically positioning two Voltstack 5k generators on either side of the action, the production team ensured that power was readily available wherever it was needed. This setup offered reliable power and unprecedented flexibility in unpredictable filming environments, allowing the camera crane to follow the action without being hindered by cables. The stunt drivers could perform intricate maneuvers, including figure 8s, around the parking lot without the risk of disrupting power sources. With the Voltstacks in place, the crew avoided the need for extensive cabling setups and additional infrastructure, reducing both setup time and costs.

The Result

  • Powered creativity
  • Unprecedented flexibility in unpredictable filming environments
  • Minimal cabling required
  • No tripping hazards
  • Reduced set-up time
  • Reliable sine wave power 24/7

  • No poisonous fumes

  • Silent power on set
  • Safe environment for crew and people attending

  • Easy to use
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

To learn more about how the Voltstack ecosystem can provide clean, quiet power for your film production, contact an Energy Consultant today!