Ascendum Machinery electrifies job sites with the Voltstack all-in-one mobile site power and equipment charger

Ascendum Machinery electrifies job sites with the Voltstack all-in-one mobile site power and equipment charger

Charlotte, NC, September 26, 2023, – Ascendum Machinery takes a resounding step towards electrifying and decarbonizing construction job sites by partnering with Portable Electric with an initial focus on the US. This strategic move underscores Ascendum Machinery’s commitment to driving the rapid adoption of electric construction equipment by using the Voltstack ecosystem of portable and mobile electric construction equipment chargers (e-Chargers) and power stations (e-Generators), empowering its clients with advanced solutions that enhance operational efficiency and sustainability.

Boasting over 65 years of representing Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) in the United States, Ascendum Machinery proudly holds the title of the country’s largest Volvo dealer. As a trailblazer in construction equipment electrification, Volvo CE leads the industry with its expansive portfolio of commercially available electric construction equipment. Ascendum Machinery’s acquisition of Voltstack mobile electric construction equipment chargers solidifies its role as a catalyst for transformation in the construction sector.

“Our partnership with Volvo CE has positioned us at the forefront of industry evolution,” says Grant Adams, CEO of Ascendum Machinery. “Volvo CE’s pioneering electric equipment offerings are reshaping construction norms, and our integration of Voltstack mobile e-Chargers reaffirms our dedication to supporting our clients. We aim to provide unmatched assistance, and including Voltstack chargers signifies a giant leap toward achieving that aim. These chargers seamlessly align with Volvo’s electric equipment, optimizing productivity and performance.”

In addition to accelerating electric machinery adoption, Voltstack mobile electric equipment chargers offer a versatile solution for on-site power at construction job sites. The Voltstack e-Charger provides a comprehensive range of charging solutions while serving as a silent, emission-free onsite power source. Crucially, the Voltstack e-Charger can be hybridized with a fossil fuel generator using the “Smart Hybrid” feature with a fossil fuel generator. This feature allows the Voltstack e-Charger to intelligently activate or deactivate a diesel generator based on the state of charge of the Voltstack e-Charger. As a result, this hands-off solution enhances operational ease for construction crews, leading to a more intelligent and quieter job site environment while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The collaboration of Ascendum Machinery’s extensive experience and industry leadership with Portable Electric’s state-of-the-art Voltstack technology exemplifies a shared commitment to expedite the adoption of electric construction equipment. Voltstack mobile electric construction equipment chargers, which replace or hybridize with traditional fossil-fuel generators, rapidly transform construction job sites with their off-grid, emission-free, efficient, and reliable power supply.

“Our mission at Portable Electric has always been to deliver revolutionary charging and power solutions that can drive industry-wide transformation. Ascendum Machinery’s acquisition of Voltstack mobile electric equipment chargers signifies yet another pivotal milestone in accelerating the transition toward electric construction machinery,” says Keith Marett, CEO of Portable Electric. “In addition, it sets a powerful example for other Volvo dealers, urging them to embrace electric construction equipment and forward-looking equipment solutions that redefine industry norms. Together, we’re propelling the industry into a future of efficiency and sustainability.”

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