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Quiet power, big impact: Lakeview and Voltstack BESS

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Midway through our case study interview, Tara Thorne, writer and director for Lakeview, shared a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Portable Electric’s transformative impact on film production.

“If it had been gas, it would have been a pain in the ass

As we tussle with upper management to make that line Portable Electric’s official slogan, we should provide context. Tara’s reference to gas being a “pain in the ass” succinctly captures the typical challenges associated with filmmaking. This specific instance, however, harks back to the agonies experienced during a previous project, Compulsus – a shared ordeal with Nicole Steeves, the producer of Lakeview.

Compulsus was about a vigilante who stalks the streets at night, so we shot outdoors a lot,” Tara explains. “Halifax is a very noisy city in general. Even in the middle of the night, there would be construction projects and sirens. It was tough.”

Fast forward to the Lakeview team’s tech scout, where the director of photography raises concerns about power, and Nicole suggests a generator as a solution. Tara was not on board; she recalls, “I was like, ‘Wait, a generator? Another loud thing? I’m already dealing with planes, chirping birds, and random emergencies during shoots.’”

Only when Nicole told her the generator was silent did Tara calm down.

The Solution

With one Voltstack 5k and one Voltstack 30k now by her side, Tara navigated the intricacies of filming in Middle Porters Lake on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. The Voltstacks seamlessly integrated into the production’s workflow, providing a reliable and quiet power source. The 30k Voltstack, tied into the house power, ensured continuous, uninterrupted energy for the entirety of the shoot, spanning 22 days. Meanwhile, the electric and lighting teams utilized the Voltstack 5k battery energy storage systems to charge batteries and support the video village.

Whether it was shooting in a closed provincial park, on a boat at the yacht club, or during a hike in the Nova Scotia wilderness, our battery energy storage systems were the unsung heroes, powering essential equipment and lighting without the logistical nightmares associated with traditional generators.

To top it off, Nicole emphasized the ease of use of the Voltstacks, noting that in an industry where complaints are commonplace, there were zero grievances about these silent powerhouses.

Voltstack 30k Battery Energy Storage System during the film production of Lakeview.

The Result

  • Abated upwards of 2,860 pounds worth of CO2e

  • Crucial component that helped the production film at a yacht club and provincial park
  • Powered creativity
  • Successfully replaced two gas generators
  • Silence on set

  • Reliable sine wave power 24/7

  • Safe working environment for the crew
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal cabling required
  • No tripping hazards

  • Saved post-production costs

  • Reduced set-up time

  • No poisonous fumes

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