Volvo Construction Equipment & Services (VCES) California becomes the first Volvo CE Dealer to receive Voltstack e-Chargers

Volvo electric loader being charger by Voltstack 30k L2 e-Charger

Volvo Construction Equipment & Services (VCES) California achieved a significant milestone in job site electrification by becoming the first Volvo Construction Equipment Dealer to receive Portable Electric’s Voltstack e-Charger. The news comes on the heels of the two companies announcing a partnership to offer the Voltstack e-Charger to support the off-grid charging of Volvo electric equipment across its 245 Volvo dealerships.

Volvo’s new ECR25, L25 and other electric equipment are great assets for construction job sites. However, the challenge of recharging these machines on remote job sites can often lead to downtime and lost productivity. The Voltstack e-Charger is a rugged, reliable, off-grid mobile charging solution which allows customers to recharge their electric equipment on any job site. By providing a complete solution for electric equipment charging, the Voltstack e-Charger ensures equipment uptime and enables ROI, thereby increasing the adoption of electric equipment on construction job sites. Its ability to cater to a wide range of electric equipment requirements, such as boost charging, setting up temporary charging off-grid, or providing recharging services whenever needed, make the Voltstack e-Charger a significant addition to VCES California’s equipment offering.

“We’ve always thought of California as a leader when it comes to transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable future, and VCES California is proving that to be true,” says Keith Marett, CEO of Portable Electric. “Not only will these units help recharge Volvo electric equipment, but they will also help reduce a remote job site’s reliance on fossil fuel generators and supplement it with clean, quiet power. We’re excited to see the impact our Voltstack ecosystem will have on construction sites across North America thanks to Volvo and its Dealer Network.”

“Electrification is a key enabler for sustainable construction, and Volvo is taking a leadership role in the industry to drive this transition,” says Ed Galindo, e-Mobility Lead at VCES California. “We’re proud to offer a range of electrified products to help customers reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals. By combining innovative technologies like the Voltstack ecosystem with our deep expertise in construction, we’re working to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.”

The Voltstack e-Charger is part of the Voltstack ecosystem which means in addition to providing a whole host of charging solutions, the unit can also be used as a source of silent, emission-free onsite power. Crucially, the Voltstack e-Charger can also be hybridized with a fossil fuel generator to provide off-grid power with a “Smart Hybrid” feature. This feature allows the Voltstack e-Charger to automatically turn on or off a diesel generator depending on the state of charge of the Voltstack e-Charger, providing a hands-off solution for crews to operate and making for a quieter job site while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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About Volvo Construction Equipment & Services
Volvo Construction Equipment & Services (VCES) offers a wide range of construction equipment, designed to improve efficiency and productivity on job sites, including excavators, wheel loaders, articulated haulers, and motor graders. The company also provides expert services, such as maintenance, repair, and training, to ensure that customers get the most out of their equipment.

As a company committed to sustainability, VCES is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and offers equipment with fuel efficiency and emissions reduction in mind. The company also provides support for electrification and alternative fuels.
Safety is a top priority for VCES, and the company offers a range of safety features on its equipment, including cameras, sensors, and telematics, to help operators work safely and efficiently. VCES also provides extensive training and support to help customers maintain a safe work environment.

VCES is proud to bring its expertise and technology to the California construction market and looks forward to working with construction professionals in the region to help them achieve their goals. For more information about Volvo Construction Equipment and Services and its offerings, visit

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