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Voltstack® Mobile EV Charger

The Portable Electric Voltstack® Mobile EV Charger can accommodate Level 2 and Level 3 DC Charging. The Voltstack® Mobile EV Charger can also be used across the full range of electric vehicle needs: boost charging, temporary charging sites, or deployable recharging on demand.

In addition to powering Electric Vehicles (EVs), the Portable Electric Voltstack® Mobile EV Charger can provide power for other off-grid applications, like live events, film sets, emergency backup power and to support power for wildfire response crews.

Continuous Output
Peak Power (15 sec)
Three Phase, Pure Sine Wave Output Voltage
Lifecycle (80% capacity)
0 hours
Charge Time
0 x 25kW Level 3
DCFC (SAE Combo/CHAdemo)
0 x EVSE Level 2
SAE J1772

Easy Rider

The Voltstack® EV Charger requires no permit or installation. It just sets up safe and simple and operates easily wherever you need it. The onboard battery provides security from grid fluctuations or outages.

Trusted Voltstack® Convenience

Recharge the Portable Electric Voltstack® EV Charger from any EV station, through solar generation, or from classic household power. As always with Portable Electric, there’s no noise or harmful emissions.

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