Introducing The All-New Portable Electric

We’re sure you’ve already noticed – what with the shiny new logo, the dramatically different website, the inspiring new colour palette and the playfully sophisticated font – Portable Electric has rebranded. Here’s why.

We loved our old logo, but in a short span of six years, we’ve outgrown it. That logo was created back when we were still trying to educate the world on the potential of clean energy electric generators. We tried to make the logo versatile, but it lacked cohesion and the tagline “The Future of Power” was apt because electric generators were merely a concept back then.

We’ve grown by leaps and bounds since then. We were first to market with an industrial-grade product geared towards film production and live events. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we diversified and found new use cases for our Voltstack® ecosystem of clean energy e-Generators or portable power stations in the Utility, Disaster Relief, Healthcare, Construction and EV Charging sectors. Beyond business verticals, we continued to improve our product line by introducing a revamped form factor for the Voltstack® 20k – today, this product has evolved into the Voltstack® 30k – and launched North America’s first-ever mobile EV charger. Over the last four months, we announced a new CEO, CFO, a reconstituted Board of Directors and moved to a new facility to accommodate our accelerated growth. So this rebrand is not change for the sake of change. We’d say it was long overdue.

Our new brand

With our unprecedented growth, we needed a brand identity that was efficient to use, flexible across applications, and able to feature content in a globally consistent way. The outstanding team at Brandenburg gave us everything we asked for and more!

Over the course of our growth, we’ve seen the adoption of clean energy generators soar like never before. Today, more than 500 Voltstack® e-Generators are spread across the globe delivering silent, emission-free power across more than 15 countries. This remarkable growth provides us with the unique opportunity to help our customers and partners make an impact when it comes to emissions abatement while using our portable power solutions instead of noxious gas and diesel generators.

This brand revival ushers in a new era for Portable Electric. It will help our new leadership team establish Portable Electric as a global leader in clean, sustainable mobile power. The new brand identity also coincides with a strategic change for the company from a hardware-specific company into a data-driven, integrated hardware and software mobile power platform as we go on to create a world with “Zero Emissions. Infinite Possibilities”.

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