Voltstack® in the field

EVs in the Canadian Rockies charged by Voltstack Mobile EV Charger

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In early 2021, the Community Energy Association was looking for a partner to test the Voltstack Mobile EV Charger’s cold weather capabilities. The Resorts of the Canadian Rockies and the Fernie Alpine Resort were willing partners of the pilot project with the right application.

The Solution

Over the course of the Family Day weekend in 2021, the CEA brought the Voltstack Mobile EV Charger or ‘Gene’ to the Fernie Alpine Resort’s Timber load parking area.

“We designated two parking stalls with temporary signage dedicated to EV charging,” says Danielle Wiess, Transportation Lead at CEA. “We also had a sandwich board that would help people learn about the Voltstack Mobile EV Charger. We didn’t need to have someone man the unit since it’s really easy to use.”

Typically, the Family Day long weekend at the Fernie Alpine Resort is one of the busiest days of the year. Even as temperatures plunged down to -25°C (77°F) over the three-day period, the Voltstack Mobile EV Charger operated flawlessly and helped charge multiple electric vehicles.

The Result

  • Deployment of EV charging infrastructure without any additional cost
  • Off-grid rescue charging for electric vehicles (EVs)

  • Charged electric vehicles with clean power
  • Operational in extreme weather conditions
  • No poisonous fumes

  • Silent power

  • Safe environment for guests

  • Easy to use

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