On December 4th, the exhilarating trailer for the 25th James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ was released. In the trailer, you get a glimpse of the intense action, fast cars, and potential Bond successor Lashana Lynch. It’s Daniel Craig’s final foray as the suave spy, but he’s determined to go out with a bang. With the Aston Martin DB-5 taking out henchmen in a fantastic donut of death, it’s easy to dismiss the rumours that Bond’s next Aston Martin will be electric. 

But there may be some substance to the rumblings – nay the buzz – of an EV showcased in Bond 25. At 00:35 into the trailer James Bond opens his garage and whips the cover off a (verified) Aston Martin V8 Vantage. However, in the background you can see a VOLTstack sitting partially covered in front of the iconic pair of skis used in previous classics like The Spy Who Loved Me. This begs the question of what Bond would be using the VOLTstack for?

Whether it’s for back-up power, or EV charging, James Bond’s choice for battery power would of course be VOLTstack power stations. You don’t send Bond into the field with anything but the best! The VOLTstack’s multi-functional and portable attributes, combined with the reliable power output and world’s fastest recharge, make it the perfect gadget for a globe-tripping secret agent.

What’s more, the VOLTstack proved invaluable for the production itself. Gaffer David Sinfield, known for his work on Guardians of the Galaxy and Wonder Woman, used his fleet of VOLTstack 2k and 5k units throughout production for lighting, camera rigs and battery charging. The silence and emissions free benefits allowed the crew to power unique locations for groundbreaking shots, like a 360 degree IMAX pano shot in the centre of a lake – something intrinsically difficult, if not impossible, to do with the traditional method of powering via cables from a generator.

What this highlights above all is that the VOLTstack is the best tool for the power needs of the film industry – and now, the best tool for Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Now internationally available, you can find your local dealer to rent or buy from here.

The name’s stack, VOLTstack!