Voltstack® in the field

Healthcode Medical

When HealthCode Medical Inc.’s Client and Clinic Coordinator, Negin Askari-Bayazi, needed to find back up power for the private clinic’s flu vaccine freezers, she did what every other person does the minute they need something: hop onto Google. A couple of clicks and a phone call later, she signed for the Voltstack® e-Generator or portable power station.

The Solution

“The Voltstack® was super easy to use,” Negin says. “We didn’t have to touch anything. The power station was plugged into the wall and the fridge was plugged into the Voltstack®. When we had a power outage that lasted about 12 hours, the Voltstack® switched on automatically. It was perfect.”

The Result

  • Powered the medical fridge during a 12-hour power outage.
  • Reliable sine wave power 24/7

  • Safe for indoor use
  • Silent, continuous power
  • No poisonous fumes, therefore, a safe working environment.
  • Abated CO2e: 49.5lbs/12-hourday

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