Voltstack® in the field

Voltstack 30k electric generator saves film production $4,525 in nine days

A major film studio based in Los Angeles needed mobile power for a nine-day production to power catering, camera trucks, honeywagons and other transportation applications. The production wanted to reduce its carbon footprint but needed power 24/7 and had little-to-no recharging available onsite. Enter the Voltstack 30k electric generator or mobile power station.

The Solution

From March 16 to March 24, the Voltstack 30k was hybridized with a 100kW generator that was already on set. During that nine-day period, the Voltstack 30k reduced the noxious genset’s runtime by 90%. By using silent, emission-free battery storage technology for low-load applications like catering and other applications, the production maximized fuel savings to the tune of $4,525 over nine days while minimizing GHG emissions on set. According to our calculations, the production abated 5,441 lbs of CO2e by simply limiting the diesel genset to charging the Voltstack 30k when it was low on charge. In addition to the fuel and carbon emissions savings, the Voltstack 30k also helped create a silent and safe working environment for the talent and staff on set. In addition to fuel savings, film crews were able to integrate battery technology with little to no management or change in their day-to-day operations. Hybridizing Voltstacks with generators allows crews to save fuel and give them more time to focus on what they do best.

The Voltstack 30k reduced the noxious genset’s runtime by 90%

Voltstack 30k e-Generator data

This isn’t the first time our Voltstack 30k has proved to be a godsend for a major film studio. Earlier this year we wrote about how the Voltstack 30k replaced a diesel generator on a production. “Film has been integral to our success here at Portable Electric. Our portable series was first to market in the battery storage segment and the film industry was a major contributor to our success,” says Scott Hardy, CEO of Portable Electric. “As we continue to find new applications for our portable and mobile series across other industries, we’re always proud to see how the film industry is not just an early adopter of this tech but serves as a leader for other industries to follow suit.”

The Result

  • Abated upwards of 5,441 pounds worth of CO2e
  • Saved fuel costs of $4,525

  • Reliable sine wave power 24/7

  • Reduced set-up time

  • No tripping hazards

  • Silence on set

  • Saved post-production costs

  • Safe working environment for the crew
  • No poisonous fumes

To learn more about how Voltstack clean energy e-Generators can help your film production become more sustainable, get in touch with an Energy Consultant today!