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Voltstack 30k powers food trucks at Fernie’s Wednesday Night Socials

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The Wednesday Night Social has been a downtown Fernie favourite ever since the Chamber of Commerce, Claris Media, Mountain Market, and Arts Station started the event over a decade ago. Every summer, this weekly concert series features live music performances on the outdoor stage at the Arts Station, along with beer gardens, food trucks, and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Wednesday Night Social is the kind of community event both residents and visitors look forward to. It’s no wonder that nearby communities as far as Sparwood, Jaffrey, Elko and even Elkford come to join in the festivities.

During the 2021 and 2022 Wednesday Night Social events, the Community Energy Association provided a Voltstack 30k Mobile EV Charger – the first one we built – so that food trucks at the event could use silent, emission-free power instead of noisy, noxious fossil-fuel generators.

The Solution

“There are usually five to six food trucks at each Wednesday Night Social,” says Danielle Wiess, Transportation Lead at CEA. “Typically, there is one food truck that is solar-powered and has its own battery. The other food trucks, however, all choose to plug into the Voltstack 30k mobile power station rather than start their gas generators. They set up at about 3 pm and start drawing power for their various needs.”

The Voltsack 30k runs for about 7.5 hours during the event as it powers cooktops, deep-fryers, freezers and more. Danielle charges the Voltstack 30k or ‘Gene’ before bringing it to the event. “It’s easy enough to ensure it’s fully charged and ready for any power needs,” she says.”By the time I pick it up at about 10:30 pm, it still has 50-60% power to go.”

The location of the concerts is small with food trucks just meters away from people dancing, socializing and eating. The obvious benefit is that all those people don’t have to listen to the relentless drone of a fossil fuel generator and inhale toxic fumes, but spare a thought for the people working inside the food truck. “It’s one thing to be right beside the noise and the fumes while you’re in line for 10 minutes. But the people working inside those food trucks are there for at least seven hours. That’s a hazard,” Danielle warns.

With the Voltstack 30k Mobile EV Charger, all those problems are non-existent. “We’ve done this for two years and we’re really glad to see this technology being implemented by the CEA,” says Tony, Owner of Flippin’ Crepes food truck. “We’ve spent so much time in the noise, taking in those fumes, the battery unit’s silence was eye-opening.”

The Result

  • Abated upwards of ~2,220 pounds worth of CO2e

  • Successfully replaced a gas generator

  • Reliable sine wave power 24/7

  • Saved fuel costs
  • No poisonous fumes

  • Reduced set-up time
  • No tripping hazards
  • Silent power at the event

  • Safe environment for all event staff and attendees

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

  • Easy to use

To learn more about Voltstack Mobile EV Charger, get in touch with an Energy Consultant today!