Vancouver Company to work with Toyota Tsusho for Distribution of Cleantech

Distribution of electric generators gets accelerated boost as Portable Electric, a technology company, enters into agreement with Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc..


VANCOUVER, AUG 13, 2019 – Portable Electric Ltd. (Portable Electric), a technology company and global leader in portable renewable energy systems – electric generators – has entered into a distribution agreement with Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc., a member of the Toyota Tsusho global group of companies.

As a global leader in the automotive and mining industries, the Toyota Tsusho group of companies provides energy and business solutions including new technologies across the world. In addition, Toyota Tsusho group companies now provide industry leading battery electric generator solutions for businesses.

“This is a very exciting time for Portable Electric as use of the VOLTstack® is expanding throughout the world, across multiple industries,” said Mark Rabin, founder and CEO of Portable Electric. “This agreement will ensure the full VOLTstack product line will be available in more markets, quicker. We are glad to work with Toyota Tsusho and proud of what this relationship represents.”

The Toyota Tsusho Group continues its tradition of providing global leading technology solutions to the industrial community.

 “Our goal is to continuously help our customers improve their workflow, reduce costs and improve efficiency,” said Hidetoshi Tada, President of Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc. “The VOLTstack represents a new, innovative way to improve the bottom line and to reduce your environmental footprint. It represents the best of all worlds for our customers.” 

About Portable Electric Ltd.

Portable Electric (PE) is a Vancouver-based tech disruptor that builds, rents and sells the VOLTstack® power station, revolutionizing the way critical power is delivered. They provide film productions, event organizers, construction sites, disaster zones and more, an alternative to traditional noxious gas and diesel generators.


About Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc.

Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc. (“TTCI”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. which, in turn, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the trading affiliate of the Toyota Group companies.  Toyota Tsusho has been involved in the trading business in Canada since the 1980’s and founded TTCI as a trading and supply-chain specialist in Canada in 2002. Over the past two decades, TTCI has evolved from a trader in a limited number of commodities and finished goods to a multi-business enterprise which combines international trading with an expansive range of domestically targeted functions, such as supply-chain services and intermediate goods processing.


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