Misties Awards Recognize Top 20 Leaders in Intelligent and Connected Devices

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 22, 2022 – Leading product development partner MistyWest announced the inaugural “Misties,” awards, recognizing the top 20 leaders in intelligent and connected devices. The awards were created to honor the unsung heroes of hardware and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to create new opportunities for innovation and bring together a community that has been separated due to the pandemic.

The Misties will be held virtually on April 14, 2022, including a keynote address that is soon to be announced and an opportunity for judges, nominees, and special guests to introduce themselves and make meaningful connections. Inventors, hackers, engineers, product designers, and business leaders who have made the most profound impact on intelligent and connected devices will be recognized for bringing technological advances to the world.

“One of the most important ways that we make connections as creators and inventors is through networking events and gatherings where we can share stories about the impact our work is having and meet people who are on the same mission as us,” said Leigh Christie, Co-founder of MistyWest. “We plan to hold next year’s Misties in person, where we can bring the winners out to Vancouver and do some West Coast activities like hiking and campfires. We really want this to be a unique and meaningful experience for everyone involved.”

A combined $15,000 in cash and $40,000 in prizes will be awarded at the first Misties, thanks to prize partners like Solidworks, Adafruit, and Nordic Semiconductor.

The judging panel for the Misties—comprised of distinguished leaders from the hardware and tech industry—has announced the following 43 nominees for the top 20 awards:

Steve Barker

Ann Torres

Fadel Adib

Sampath Satti

Jason Hawkins

Neil Lakin

Adam Sobol

Roman Kozak

Mark Rabin

Rosalind Picard

Dave Ojika, PhD

Scott Saponas

Mario E. Munich

Jeri Ellsworth

Jonathan Hurst

Hiroshi Ishii

Jerry Chen

Akintomide Adesanmi

Steven Macenski

Erik Norden

Diana Nguyen

Sidhant Gupta

Michael Burton

Ari Roisman

Doug Schouten

Jossie Haines

Dotan Sokolov

Azhar Hussein

Mohammad Afaneh

Matt Carney

Scott Waller

Pattie Maes

Peter Celinski

Jeff Schoenfeld

Antonio Rocha

Joseph Paradiso

Sanad Aridah

Michel Georges Laberge

John Colombo

Sergio Delrio Diaz

Karen Donoghue

Milad Zoghi

Tadd Scarpelli

If you’re interested in attending the Misties virtual awards ceremony, register through Eventbrite.

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MistyWest is an engineering design consultancy that exists to create an inclusive and prosperous global community enabled by technology, with a focus on projects that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By empowering their world-class research and engineering team, they create technically complex intelligent connected devices that accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable future. They combine our deep knowledge of physics, engineering and manufacturing to overcome technical barriers and turn concepts into products, providing full-stack hardware solutions for our clients.

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