How Skoon Energy is Using Voltstack® Power Stations in the Netherlands

We partnered with Skoon Energy, a Rotterdam-based clean energy startup, to disrupt the generator market in the Netherlands by working together to speed up the adoption of battery technology.

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, Founder of Skoon Energy, found us while randomly browsing through LinkedIn, but today that partnership is proving to be uber-successful.

Of course, you already knew that part of the backstory, but here’s something you didn’t know: Skoon Energy considers our Voltstack® 5k e-Generators among the top three power stations in the world.

“For me, in terms of clean technology, you are part of the top three in the world,” Peter Paul says in our glowing review. “It’s always so easy to recommend you guys because your battery is so much more than just a package of cells. You pay attention to every little detail from deciding where to put the handles to what type of wheels to use. The whole thing is very well thought out.”

Skoon Energy has been so impressed with the Voltstack® 5k e-Generator or portable power station that they have been actively recommending it for several projects Here are a few:


Skoon Energy used a Voltstack® 5k e-Generator to power the very first episode of ECHT Sunrise – a series that aims to promote music, green energy and nature.

“They wanted to shoot the video in the sand dunes of Zandvoort,” Peter Paul tells us. “As soon as they said that, I knew exactly what they needed for the shoot. I told them the Voltstack® could go for days, but the shoot only took an hour.”

After powering the whole shoot, Skoon Energy took the Voltstack® e-Generator to the EV Experience event where they asked the DJ to use the Voltstack® power station to power his console. The DJ entertained the crowd for six hours. “The event was at the Formula 1 Circuit Zandvoort,” Peter Paul says. “People were allowed to take electric cars on the racing circuit.”

Royal Netherlands Army

When the Royal Netherlands Army asked Skoon Energy to help with a presentation for a webinar based on making army bases worldwide energy neutral, Skoon Energy went one step further and decided to use a Voltstack® 5k to power the whole webinar.

“The whole webinar took place in a location that was previously used to store tanks. A tank garage,” Peter Paul says visibly excited. “We had one of our trailers plugged into the Voltstack® and used the 5k power station as a UPS system to power the whole webinar. These units are so versatile.”

Learn more about the Voltstack® 5k.

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