Written by Mark Rabin

Hi Everyone, thanks for tuning in to Battery Life, this is the first instalment of our newsletter surveying the revolutionary world of energy and what powers us! Until very recently, our relationship with electricity was of a unidirectional nature, a “catch the electron if you can”, or lose it forever. All of our appliances, generators, cars, homes all operate in the same fashion, power/heat pushing from one side and dissipating at the other, precarious and inefficient.

I’m excited to say that we’ve officially crossed this seemingly barbaric and primitive threshold into the brave new world of energy technology, storage, and connectedness. An inflection point in our civilization, one step closer to kicking our violent addiction to fire. There’s still a long road ahead, but in the coming years we will witness the complete overhaul of how we use, understand, and value the energy in our lives. A kilowatt of energy just became meaningful: a Nissan Leaf has 30 kWh of energy = 0.17 kWh per km in range; or knowing that your iPhone takes 5 watts of power to charge, or laptop 40 watts! Every watt counts.

At Portable Electric, we’ve been working tirelessly to disrupt the stale portable power market and rewrite the playbook for event, festival, film and emergency power. Creating a wireless, distributed, efficient, and completely silent power web for any application. The future of portable power is modular, hybridized and up close! The concept of dirty power hidden deep in the forest away from the action, or in a massive polluting centralized power plant are quickly becoming things of a bygone era.

These are the major trends that we are tracking and innovating on:

    1. Distributed power provision for off-grid event, festival and film sites. Meaning that we no longer require wires and cables criss-crossing the site grounds. We provide power where it’s required and can monitor performance wirelessly.
    2. 100% efficient use of energy and resources. Only power/energy required is consumed, and the rest is preserved and ready to be used at a later date (i.e. batteries/storage). A very different concept from our current idling power infrastructure. Smart hybrid power systems will become the norm in short order, meaning big battery systems paired either diesel, biodiesel, or hydrogen generators. Hydrogen is still not commonplace, however is a great fit for temporary power, and we’ll start seeing it in more applications in the future. In addition, the rewiring of our gadgets and appliances is a critical step in the energy revolution. We are already seeing massive efficiency improvements in sound and lighting systems!
    3. Universality in the language used around energy, power, generators, etc, as well as standardization in cabling and connections in power systems. Current power systems are poorly stitched together, and user groups do not speak the same energy language. This needs to change ASAP in order to enable a global power revolution.

We have exciting days ahead, and are looking forward to continuing to push the boundaries of power deployment. If you are interested to comment, or contribute to this conversation please get in touch with us.


Mark Rabin

CEO, Founder, Portable Electric