Over the last few years, Green Voltage, a UK-based company, has rented 50+ VOLTstacks to provide clean, emission-free mobile power to film, television, broadcast and live event industries. Most recently, Green Voltage used VOLTstack e-Generators or power stations to support the production of No Time To Die. Besides providing clean, emission-free mobile power, VOLTstack e-Generators, which are fast becoming an industry leader in sustainable film production or green production, also offered unique solutions that powered creativity.

In Jamaica, the production team wanted to light up a speed boat scene. Deeming diesel generators too bothersome to the cast and crew, the production team created a makeshift float aboard which they used a VOLTstack 5k to power an Arri Sky Panel 360.

VOLTstack 5k e-Generator in Norway on the production of No Time To Die

Another great example of VOLTstacks fuelling creativity is the flashback scene that opens the film. The scene is scene shot on the Langvann Lake located in the hills above Nittedal, north of Oslo. Since the location wouldn’t accommodate diesel generators, the production team used a VOLTstack 5k. Not only did the e-Generator cut carbon emissions and save production costs – a diesel generator would need cables running to a nearby forest about 200 feet away – it helped the director accomplish a 360-degree shot without heavy reliance on post-production.

In addition to Jamaica and Norway, VOLTstacks were used in England, Spain and Scotland to help the production reduce carbon emissions. The VOLTstack 2k even makes its Hollywood debut in Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as the secret MI6 superagent James Bond in No Time To Die. We clipped that particular scene below.

Moreover, our VOLTstack 2k even helped “recharge” James Bond himself.

Daniel Craig Behind the scenes of the No Time To Die set sitting on a VOLTstack 2k e-Generator

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