Portable Electric is dedicated to safely supporting its customers and partners. In order to return to work safely while there is still risk of community spread, Portable Electric recognizes the need to reassure our production, rental and distribution partners that safety procedures are in place to minimize risk of transmission in the course of rental operations.

Applying recommendations of Health Canada, the BCCDC and public health officials, Portable Electric has developed a document to proactively provide a guideline on sanitizing and use of VOLTstack power stations during this pandemic.

Click here to access the full document

Steps We Are Taking

At Portable Electric, we are taking the following steps to ensure our equipment remains sanitized and functioning.

  1. All assets are disinfected, using the guidelines below, before entering the Portable Electric warehouse. An area of 100 sq ft. has been cordoned in the Portable Electric yard for this purpose.
  2. All assets are disinfected, using the guidelines below, upon exiting the Portable Electric warehouse. A separate 100 sq. ft. area for assets exiting has been designated for this purpose.
  3. All deliveries, pickups and interactions with external staff/vendors/contacts are conducted in PPE to limit transference.
  4. Rentals have been allocated exclusively to essential businesses as per official guidelines.

Our Dedication to Customers

At Portable Electric, our customers come first. Our dedication to safety and the highest level of service remains paramount, and we welcome any inquiry as to the operation, use and sanitizing the VOLTstack, and the actions taken by Portable Electric during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please call us at 1 (604) 901 2500, or email info@portable-electric.com with any questions or concerns you may have.