When people get it, they get it! The VOLTstack electric generator, that is. In this exciting marketing intelligence piece all about electric generators, or e-generators as they’re coming to be called, writer and science journalist Amelia Tiemann, digs into the many strengths of the VOLTstack. She recounts why it’s been featured in film productions across the world, like the last of Daniel Craig’s James Bond series – ‘No Time To Die‘, and the ethos behind the product and the company.

The VOLTstack electric generator makes life easier for filmmakers – enhancing the workflow of gaffers and their crews, and allowing them to get the shots that make cinematic vision a reality. In our past blog post – VOLTstacks Are Forever (after all, they do last 10 – 15 years at 100% capacity), we detailed the excitement of a potential EV, and just what went into the production for gaffer David Sinfield. Take a read through 4th Generation’s article to learn more!