Empowering electricians with turnkey power solutions.

As an experienced temporary power partner, Portable Electric excels in providing comprehensive power solutions that benefit both you and your customers.

Whether it’s in response to a natural disaster, equipment failure or grid outage, the VOLTstack is the leading temporary portable power solution.

Designed to fit your project needs, the VOLTstack is silent, capable of being used indoors, and scalable to match any size and scope. It’s built to last, and to industrial specifications. With the VOLTstack, you’ll lead the competition by providing portable power that gives you the edge.


VOLTstack units provide power anywhere, anytime, independent of the grid.

  • Work anywhere, without disrupting the customer
  • Build a temporary grid to match the project
  • Enable your teams to work faster & more flexibly

Keep customers online and equipment running while you provide critical service work.

  • Easily move units wherever they’re needed
  • Power servers, computers, laptops, lighting and more
  • Provide a simple, seamless customer experience

VOLTstack units emit zero emissions and zero noise, and present no safety risk in use indoors or outdoors.

  • Swiftly deploy without concern of location or need
  • Provide rapid response 24/7 to customers
  • Set up and teardown is simple and efficient