Voltstack® in the field

Electric generators power world’s premier mountain bike competition

Every year, the mountain bike community descends upon the picturesque landscape of Southwestern Utah for what is the Superbowl of freeride mountain biking. At this event, daredevil cyclists hit speeds of up to 40 mph and hit ramps in the 60-foot range. At this year’s premier freeride mountain bike competition, the organizers wanted to reduce their carbon footprint and protect one of the most beautiful – and formidable – freeride mountain bike zones on the planet.

The Solution

For this year’s event, the organizers opted for two Voltstack 5k electric generators along with three Sunstack solar kits to pilot battery technology in the rugged environment. The portable power station and solar kits arrived at the event location a day before the event. They were put straight to work from the moment they arrived. One Voltstack 5k portable power station, accompanied by one solar kit, was deployed in the event’s operations base. It powered the event’s freshwater source for 18 hours before it was taken away to recharge for the day of the event. Since the event was off-grid with no charging infrastructure, a 20kW Sunbelt generator was used to recharge the Voltstack 5k e-Generator.

Voltstack 5k hybridized with Sunbelt generator at Red Bull Rampage

Meanwhile, the other Voltstack 5k, accompanied by two solar kits, was deployed in the drone landing zone in the mountains. In addition to recharging the drones used to film the event, the Voltstack 5k also helped recharge LiveU transmitters and mobile devices. This unit was used for five hours before it was hooked up to a Honda 3500 generator to recharge. 

On the day of the event, both electric generators were operational for nine hours. In addition to powering the event’s freshwater source, the Voltstack 5k in the operations base powered a food machine intermittently.

The events sector is placing a lot of emphasis on sustainable practices and operational decarbonization. Examining how an event is powered is one of the quickest and most effective ways to drastically reduce its carbon footprint. This pilot project helped organizers see the value – both in GHG emissions reduced and monetarily – our Voltstack power stations could provide and is a template for how they can shift to clean energy for future events.

Voltstack 5k at Utah desert during Red Bull Rampage.

The Result

  • Reliable sine wave power 24/7

  • Silent power at the event

  • Hybridized clean power solution

  • Harnessing the power of the sun
  • No poisonous fumes

  • Safe environment for crew and people attending

  • Minimal cabling required
  • Minimal fuel required

  • Easy to use
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

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