This year, in an exciting advancement of adoption and awareness, solar and battery storage technology lit up the night sky across the playa at Burning Man 2019.

VOLTstacks were part of a large-scale pilot project deployment with Black Rock Labs, and featured alongside other pilot partners as well as numerous homemade examples of micro grid technology. Many people had brought their made-at-home solutions that combined solar panels and lead acid or lithium ion cells, however VOLTstacks were by far the most refined and reliable power stations that were dotted around the playa.

As noted in GeekWire’s exciting article on entrepreneur Mark Rabin‘s foray into Burning Man, the VOLTstacks were used to demonstrate the strength and versatility of battery electric generators in the burning heat. Strategically arranged solar arrays collected the energy generated from the sun, keeping the VOLTstacks charged day in and day out.

VOLTstack units were used to power art projects deep in the playa, as well as camps where DJ sets and numerous LED light-shows entertained ‘Burners’ throughout the night. This happened day in, day out. Solar fast-charging the units throughout the day, from empty to full (an incredible 5kWh of power generated through solar) and then the VOLTstacks high-capacity, high-output providing ample power to party all night long.

This was an amazing use case for Portable Electric and a real learning curve as new solar and battery innovation was demonstrated on the playa at Burning Man. We’re looking forward to being back on the playa, in full force, in 2020.